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Briquettes Circular

Original price was: €380.00.Current price is: €295.00. per Pallet
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Briquettes Ruf

Original price was: €360.00.Current price is: €280.00. per Pallet

Weight of one block: 0.835 kg.
Sealed in 10 kg (12 pieces) polythene bags.
96 bags on each palet – 960 kg.
Minimum order quantity 4 palets.
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Our wood briquettes are made by grinding wood shavings and sawdust into a homogeneous pulp and forming this into a briquette under very high pressure.
Pressing releases one of the natural components of wood lignin which has the property of becoming liquid at high pressure (temperature) and , as it subsequently cools , it binds the wood together in its new form.

Beech , Oak or Birch sawdust which used in manufacture of our briquettes provides the best calorific value in comparison with wood briquettes made from soft wood (coniferous etc.)

Typically the hardwood (oak, ash, birch) sawdust make briquette darker, whereas light color briquettes are usually the result of coniferous tree sawdust. However, the color does not indicate any significant variation of quality which is always DIN 51731.


1. Moisture content: 6,3%
2. Ash content 0,6%
3. Sulphur S  0,05
4. Net calorific value (on dry basis) , Mj/kg — 18,5 Mj/kg
5. Kilocalorie / kg – 4700 kilocalorie/kg



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