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New robust Euro pallets in best quality made of solid wood.
The pallets comply with the IPPC standard and have EPAL quality marks.
22 pallets in a pack/pallet.
Minimum order quantity 4 packs/pallets
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A Euro pallet (officially: EUR pallet) is a wooden pallet with dimensions and specifications that have been established by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). The Euro pallets can be ordered individually. The dimensions are 800×1200×144 millimeters and the load capacity is 1500 kilograms. Euro pallets circulate in a barter system set up by European railway companies in the mid-twentieth century. In Europe, Europallets are the most commonly used pallets.

How much does a Euro pallet weigh? And what is the carrying capacity?

What size is a Euro pallet? The EPAL Euro pallet is always 1200 mm x 800 mm. The total height is approx. 144 mm and the weight is approx. 20-25 kg. A Euro pallet is made of European wood (usually spruce) and consists of an upper deck of 5 planks, 3 intermediate planks, 9 bobbins and 3 lower planks. The pallet has beveled corners and is nailed with special nails. The pallet can carry a maximum of 2000 kilograms, provided the weight is evenly distributed. EPAL itself indicates a load of 1500 kilograms.

What is EPAL?

EPAL is a non-profit organization that emerged in 1991 from the UIC, the association of European railway companies. EPAL was intended to manage the barter system on behalf of the UIC, but the cooperation ended in December 2012. EPAL then decided to entrust the external quality control to Bureau Veritas, while UIC continued with SGS. From August 2013, EPAL and UIC each used their own pool and inspection procedures, but in November 2014 the dispute was settled and the pallets from both pools can be exchanged again. Before the breakage, the pallets were marked by the letters EUR, after that it became EPAL or UIC, depending on the producer’s licensor. Although the pools have been mixed again, EPAL and UIC have had their own certification for repairing their own pallets since the break. EPAL describes the barter system as the largest open pool system in the world, as distinct from closed pool systems. The difference is that EPAL does not own or manage the pallets.


The EUR-flat pallet is designed to withstand the following loads when stacked on a shelf or on the fork of a fork-lift truck:

– 1000 kg, (nominal load), if the load is distributed randomly across the surface of the pallet.
– 1500 kg, if the load is evenly distributed across the surface of the pallet.
– 2000 kg, if the load is compact and evenly distributed across the whole surface of the pallet.

Standard Dimensions: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 144 mm
The Euro Pallet is marked with the sign of the European Palette Pool ‘EUR’.
They can be used for loads up to 1 tons, in even load conditions up to 2 tons.

The pallet described as a Euro pallet is the 800 x 1200 European pool pallet.
These pallets are produced by licensed manufacturers and bear the “EUR” logo.

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