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Kild Dry Fire Wood from beech and oak only
One box per pallet – 2 cubic meters
Pallet weight 1 ton.
Minimu order quantity 6 pallets
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Firewood for fireplaces, stoves, ovens and barbecues.
Naturally dried.

Kiln Dried Wood is a brilliant firewood. Our kiln dried logs are ready to burn & produce a fantastic blaze that put out a fantastic quantity of heat. Dried to an average moisture content of under 20% you nearly double the amount of heat produced by the logs & are split and cut to 25cm lengths and should fit in a majority of wood burners. We make sure that our kiln dried logs come from a sustainable source

Kild Dry Fire Wood from beech and oak only.

Firewood logs are up to 3 times better than softwood.
Firewood logs containing less than 15% moisture.

Only use oak and beech as these are the best hardwood logs, in fact, the heat output of these firewood logs is 20% better than other hardwood and the equivalent to approximately 3 times that of softwood !

The fire wood are cuted in peaces of 25-35 cm each using only beech and oak.
They will come in boxes of 2 cubic meters (1000kg)




Oak is seen as the romantic choice and is our longest burning firewood. With a slow and steady burn,
it was once used for yule logs during midwinter traditions and kept burning for twelve nights after Christmas eve.
Oak generates more heat while producing a low flame for up to 140 minutes. It’s our densest firewood, with a tighter grain that means it takes longer to light, but has an unmatched burn duration once lit. Use firelighters to make the process easier.
This firewood is ideal in larger stoves and works well for overnight burning.



Beech is very good firewood and one cord can burn to produce 27.5 million BTU of seasoned wood which produces nice fragrance, quality coal and very less smoke.

However, trees may be hollow and it is difficult to split the wood into pieces. Hollow wood provides less mass per unit volume which affects burning quality parameters.

Heat Output (BTUs): 27.5 million
Smoke Production: Low
Spark Output: Low
Quality of Coal: Excellent
Fragrance or Smell: Good
Overall Rating: Excellent

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